Monday, June 4, 2012

World Wonders Project

Field trips are great, but some are just plain impossible.  The new World Wonders Project from Google uses its street-level satellite imaging technology to bring real and interactive photographs of world wonders into your classroom. 

Each site can be moved and manipulated just like their street-view satellite maps, but the images are presented in a software frame that also links up with videos and text about the site.  Below is an image of the user-friendly software featuring their resources for Stonehenge.

On the right-side toolbar, teachers and students can access videos, information and even 3D models of the site and place it on a map of surrounding terrain.  There are also special links and resources for teachers on the Education tab in the upper-right corner. 

I have only started to play with this software and Google is still working on adding more natural and historic sites to the database.  There is so much potential, however, for kids to see the world right from your classroom, so check it out!


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