Monday, June 18, 2012

Some Web Tools to Try

Between working diligently on our upcoming PAIS Tech Boot Camp website and following my blogs and Twitter feeds, I have come across quite a few new web tools that are worth a look. You may be surprised at the variety of uses for some of these sites!

1. allows users to create quick, user-friendly video slideshows from still pictures. One of the benefits of the site is that the videos are designed to be easily shared on the web. There are many ways to create a video slideshow, but few are as easy to create, embed and share than

2. TweetDeck

TweetDeck is a service provided by Twitter that organizes feeds, surfs multiple accounts and schedules tweets, among other capabilities. If you find that you have more than one Twitter handle or if you just want to sort your feed into different categories, TweetDeck simplifies the process and sorts tweets into one easy-to-navigate screen. Finally, you can prewrite tweets and schedule their release over time. 

3. Prezi

Sure, PowerPoints are a great way to present information to a group. If you are skilled with it, you can even add animations, video clips and sound. Prezi is a web service that creates more dynamic presentations without traditional slides. The basic service is free, but for additional server space and privacy capabilities, users must upgrade to paid service.

4. EasyBib

If there is one thing more difficult than researching a topic and writing a paper about it, it's navigating all the citation styles and rules to create a bibliography.  EasyBib is a web-based service that allows students to create movable and sortable notecards based on their research, then it automatically generates a bibliography based on citation information entered one time. It has tons of capabilities, but it is often worth a try just for the citations and notecards alone.

5. Screenr

Getting excited about the flipped classroom trend? One of the most expensive and time-intensive parts of learning to flip is purchasing and mastering the Camtasia Studio software. As much as I love the software and its capabilities, first-time flippers can experiment with a free online tool called Screenr. There are some limitations to Screenr, but it's perfect for new and occasional flippers.


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