Friday, May 11, 2012


I have written before about uses for the Inspiration software, but I recently came across a similar software that might be even more useful and user-friendly for our students.  Given that our students are well-versed in using Microsoft Word and other Office products with similar menus, the new software MindMaple may be a bit easier to use.  It is also a touch-based software compatible with iPad, which may also be a huge improvement for our students over the functionality and arrangement of Inspiration.

MindMaple also allows you to attach files to and insert photos into your bubbles and control the features with touch, mouse or keyboard.  Even as a seasoned user of Inspiration, I sometimes get stuck reformatting and re-dragging bubbles, and there is a definite learning curve for our students. 

MindMaple is a paid software, but there is a free version, called MindMaple Lite.  I look forward to downloading this to my own iPad and exploring it for next year!  I'm always looking for ways to use those new iPads!


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