Monday, December 5, 2011

Blogging about Glogging

Our school recently subscribed to an online service called Glogster EDU.  This is the education institutional version of the popular Glogster.  In Glogster, you can create posters with text boxes, graphics, images, videos and sound bites to be viewed either within your institution or publically to all Glogster EDU schools.  The software has hundreds of preloaded images and sounds, or you can "grab" videos, sounds and images from the web, your files or your webcam. 

I am new to glogging, so I allowed the kids to experiment with software by assigning a project with very loose parameters.  We are currently reading Pam Munoz Ryan's Becoming Naomi Leon, one of our favorite sixth grade novels.  The main character, Naomi, is known for being shy and quiet and expressing her ideas mostly as lists in her notebook.  Each student created a glog that captured this aspect of Naomi's character, but with a little more visual flair.  They created a poster that included images, text boxes, videos and the like as a virtual scrapbook of her experiences in the novel. 

Each student had a different interpretation of the assignment.  Some chose to make lists like Naomi, while others chose to feature primarily images.  Some wrote diary entries in the text boxes, while others took the "scrapbook" direction more literally and compiled artifacts and pictures with captions.  Overall, there was a wide range of ideas that came from the project. 

My ultimate goal was to try the software and see if the students had anything unique discoveries or ideas with it.  Later on, I can refine my idea of what I would like them to produce and give them more workable parameters for the assignment.  They will also have more practice with how to use and navigate the software for future work. 


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