Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Did You Know?

During my summer of relaxation and recuperation, I found myself flicking through the channels on my old-fashioned tube television - you know, the kind that doesn't have a flat screen, HD reception or a nifty guide for viewing the program schedule.  In my search for something appropriately mindless, I passed over the public media network MiNDtv, known for it's short videos, often submitted by viewers or other sources.

The short film airing at that time was called, "Did You Know?" and it was a simple video that featured facts about Earth's population and growth, as well as many facts about the exponential growth of technology.  The video can be viewed on the MiNDtv website here:


Naturally, there has been a huge emphasis on technology in education recently, but this video forced me to face how important this really is.  The truth is, no matter how memorable certain lessons and experiences were from my own education, some of these approaches are just not practical anymore.  By schooling a child, we should not only be preparing them with the academic skills and knowledge that they will need, but also a steady footing in the technology that is available today. 

My education was not very long ago and we had a full lab of computers with internet access, databases for research and other tools.  But technology has changed significantly since I was in school, and it will change even more in the period between these students' education and their adulthood.  There is no way to prepare them for the technology of tomorrow other than increasing their fluency with the technology of today. 

The original video has been updated several times to reflect new statistical research about the changing world of technology.  The updates are aptly titled 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0.  They are all embedded below.


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