Clubs & Crafting

During the course of this year, I have served as the teacher sponsor for three clubs, the Horseback Riding Club, the Middle School Art Club and the Middle and Upper School Comics and Gaming Club. I took on the Art Club out of genuine interest in the arts, having been a serious art student in high school and a hobby artist and crafter today. The other clubs, however, were a little bit more out of my comfort zone!

Given that I have never actually ridden a horse, I was fortunate that we have another teacher here who is an experienced rider and the facility takes care of all the lessons. When starting the Comics and Gaming Club in response to much student interest, I was a little more out on my own. Here are some of the projects we have been working on...

Middle School Art Club

Book Page Art

There are many ideas out there all over the Pinterest world for projects that use old book pages to make art. I rescued a few books that were headed for the dumpsters, showed the kids some examples and let them have at it. Some of the project ideas actually use the words on the page, whereas others just use the aesthetics of the paper as a backdrop for something quite unrelated. 


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